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Presentations: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

18 Sep, 2006

I’ve been reading Presentation Zen lately, and various related resources. I’ll credit Stanford Law School Professor, Larry Lessig, with exposing me to “alternate” styles of presentation when he gave a talk at Google last Summer. Some interesting quotes and links I picked up along the way, with credits. “If someone that did not attend to […]

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+1 Constitution, -1 Illegal Surveillance

17 Aug, 2006

Yayy to Judge Anna Diggs Taylor for declaring the NSA wiretapping program illegal, and asking for an immediate halt to it. Over the last year, I have been looking not at 2006, but 1984. Big Brother has been sniffing my Internet packets, the NSA has been listening to my conversations, the Ministry of Peace Department […]

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I Fixed A Computer

17 Jul, 2006

The headline of this post isn’t newsworthy at all. And the rest of the post is probably not newsworthy to a lot of people who read this blog. But I fixed a computer. So, to fix it, my laptop connected to my cellphone via Bluetooth, which connected to a celltower via GPRS, which sent my […]

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Find Out What Your Phone Number Spells

11 Jul, 2006

I clearly have too much time on my hands. Or so it would seem by looking at what I’ve been doing the last hour. I just got a new phone yesterday. And I was curious as to what it might spell. So I wrote up a script to show all the names your phone number […]

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Lie Low, the Airplane’s Coming …

13 Jun, 2006

No, this isn’t a warning from Winston Churchill from the World War II times, this is when Google schedules aircraft fly-bys over the Mountain View Headquarters for Geo Developers Day. Google had invited geo-developers to get together and discuss cool things that they were doing with Google Earth & Google Maps. (Oh, BTW, check out […]

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Les Papillons en Liberté

10 Jun, 2006

I made a video slideshow of the photos I took at the Jardin Botanique in Montréal, Canada, during my trip in April. I’d been there to attend CHI 2006 and stayed a day longer to see the beautiful city. I managed to catch a limited-time exhibition at the Botanical Garden, titled “Les Papillons en Liberté” […]

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Why I bought another Samsung phone

10 Jun, 2006

Because I have tremendous respect for a phone that can continue to work after all I’ve done to it. Exhibit A: my previous cellphone in its current state is held together by its own wires, and yet is able to perform all its vital bodily functions. But I feel it’s now time to retire the […]

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Marathi Newspaper “सकाळ” Reports on Google Desktop

24 May, 2006

“सकाळ”, (“The Morning”), a popular newspaper in my native tongue, ran a piece on Google Desktop. I’m not a regular reader, but my attention was drawn to it by several friends and family, who noticed my name mentioned in it. Now, while I’m not really sure how they got the info, or even where they […]

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An Interesting Email

18 May, 2006

I received an interesting email this morning: From: Pakko Systems <******> Subject: Help with Yahoo Calendar Date: May 18, 2006 9:18:48 AM PDT I see u have a Nice Yahoo Calendar CVS converter to ICAL, but I need one from ICAL to CVS to use it on yahoo, Im not ready to kiss the ass […]

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Google Desktop now includes Google Calendar Gadget

10 May, 2006

A new version of Google Desktop released today. (For those who came in late, I worked on Google Desktop last year, and have been writing plugins for it for some time now.) When Google Calendar released, I wrote a plugin for it too. Since my plugin was licensed under an open-source license, Google added features […]

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