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A Proposal to Integrate Site-Specific Search Boxes into Browser Chrome

14 May, 2007

Why do I have to search for the search box on any site I visit, before I can type my query into it? Given that almost every well-designed site has a search field, and it has been recommended as a good usability practice since 2001, why is it sometimes hidden deep inside the layout? Here […]

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Can’t Speak The English

13 May, 2007

This is a gem from a long time ago, when I used to be a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) at Virginia Tech. In all three semesters, I have received mostly positive reviews from my students, and I’m told that the scores I got were pretty high to be awarded by an undergraduate class to a […]

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Virginia Tech Candlelight Vigil Photos posted

17 Apr, 2007

I have posted photos from today’s candlelight vigil at Virginia Tech. Reporters, journalists and media-persons, please note: the license explicitly prohibits any commercial use of these photos. Others, please feel free to share/email/print these photos for friends, family, and everyone else who might have been impacted by this tragedy.  

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To Minal,

17 Apr, 2007

R.I.P. —All of us.

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Virginia Tech Shootout

16 Apr, 2007

A terrible piece of news was announced to us this morning while writing a test. An unidentified gunman opened fire on two separate occasions today, killing one person at Ambler Johnston and several more at Norris Hall. The current fatality count stands at 22 — now updated to 32 — this is absolutely, positively horrifying, […]

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To do: Read the ‘Getting Things Done’ book

1 Apr, 2007

It’s an ironic and sad commentary on my to-do list when the top item, “Read the ‘Getting Things Done‘ book” has stayed on it for far too long. :)

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Timezone issues in Google Calendar widget fixed. Or so I think. Maybe.

1 Mar, 2007

Lots of you reported timezone errors in my Google Calendar Dashboard Widget. I thought I’d fixed it in 2.0 with some changes to the date parsing code, but it turned out that only worked for certain timezones. So here is another version with solely a timezone bug fix. I believe this should be the end […]

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Google Calendar Dashboard Widget Updated to version 2.0

15 Feb, 2007

This long-pending update to my Google Calendar Dashboard Widget is now finally ready! Changes in Version 2.0 There were some problems handling time-zones in version 1.0 for some users. These issues have been (hopefully!) fixed in version 2.0. A highly-requested feature was to be able to look-ahead several days into the future, not just today […]

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The Letter and Intent of Creative Commons Licensing

10 Feb, 2007

I subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog, and I find his opinions very thought-provoking, I might add. I especially like his rants on usability and good versus bad experience design. This morning, I read a post by him about one of “his” books being sold on Amazon. To explain why the “his” is in quotes, here’s […]

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Microsoft doesn’t want Mac users to switch!

1 Feb, 2007

Which, on the whole, is a Good Thing™. But the way they convey the message is disgusting. A friend pointed me to Microsoft India’s Vista Promotion (for its humor value, of course), which I tried to access using Safari on my Mac. This is the page I got back: <HTML><HEAD><META HTTP-EQUIV=”Refresh” CONTENT=”0.1″><META HTTP-EQUIV=”Pragma” CONTENT=”no cache”><META […]

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