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Book-as-Blog: Encouraging Reading by Posting a Chapter at a Time

17 Dec, 2008

I realized I haven’t picked up a book in weeks, (non-academic book, that is), but I’ve read more than my fair share of blogs in that same time. I wonder if part of the reason is the longer time commitment required by a book. This prevents it from being read quickly and keeps it forever […]

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Evolving Similes

7 Dec, 2008

A buggy is like a car, but drawn by a horse. Radio is like TV, but with no picture, only sound. A letter is like email, but written on paper and delivered in days or weeks. The Encyclopedia Britannica is like Wikipedia, but printed in 26 volumes, and occupies half a room. A telegram is […]

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Software and the Democratization of Production

16 Nov, 2008

The availability of consumer software in this century has democratized the production of … well, everything. Parts of the current creative landscape seem no different than Marxist philosophies of workers owning the means of production, with one exception: the workers aren’t doing it for money, they’re doing it for fun. I recently watched Be Kind, […]

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Email should have Expiration Dates

2 Nov, 2008

The entire idea behind this blog post has been summed up in the title, so all I need to do now is to explain why I think email should have expiration dates, and how that would make personal information management better. Email, as we all know, started off as a way of sending short messages […]

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श्री गणपतीची अारती — Shree Ganapatichi Aarti

5 Sep, 2008
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Why I love working here!

27 Aug, 2008

When most professors have closed-door policies and need weeks of lead time before being able to schedule a meeting, here’s why I love working here!

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HOWTO Obtain metadata for a book given its ISBN using Amazon Web Services in PHP

17 Jul, 2008

This is a quick snippet I put together for an academic project. To be able to write this, I had to go through several documentation resources, for what is essentially a single web service method call. I figured it would help if I shared my PHP code.

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HOWTO Setup WebDAV on Mac OS X

10 Jul, 2008

Setting up WebDAV on Leopard The good news is that all the bits and pieces of software that you need to run a WebDAV server on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard are already installed. You only need to configure them correctly and turn them on. Some experience with Terminal is preferred, and you should be […]

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Free as in freedom, not as in beer

1 Jul, 2008

I received a request today in the mail about one of my projects that is available under a free software license. It’s a web template system that I wrote to scratch a personal itch. Its hallmark feature is that it has no features, at least none that contribute to the bloat that’s rampant in Drupal […]

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SSH Port Forwarding on Mac OS X

30 May, 2008

After spending about an hour configuring what should, in theory, be a simple matter, I figured I’d write a blog post that might one day save another soul an hour or so from his or her life. So, for good karma, basically. In the past, I have set up port forwarding on Linux, Mac OS […]

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