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From the Desktop to the Phone … Seamlessly

Google just announced a new feature in Google Maps: Click to Call. When you find a business on Google Maps, you can ask to be connected directly. Google then calls you on the number you provide, and places a call to the business at the other end.

This is yet another example of seamless task migration. The user’s ultimate goal in locating a business is to get in touch with them. The most common way to do this today is to call using a phone (at least as long as Voice-over-IP is not as ubiquitous as cellphones and land-lines). Lo, Google bridged the gap. End-to-end support for a user’s tasks using multiple devices is a challenge that’s getting its due attention only recently.

Hopefully, we will soon be able to do the same with phone numbers all over the Web. Imagine a button on my website that says, “click to call me”. Or, a button on my photo albums page that says, “view as a slideshow on the living room TV”. Or being able to press a button on your car radio to “read more about the currently-advertised product once I’m back home”.


  1. Awesome Idea. We will need so few devices in future cause most of them will merge into less and less number of “one in all” devices.

    Anurag Mishra — November 21, 2006

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