Manas Tungare

Presentations: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I've been reading Presentation Zen lately, and various related resources. I'll credit Stanford Law School Professor, Larry Lessig, with exposing me to "alternate" styles of presentation when he gave a talk at Google last Summer.

Some interesting quotes and links I picked up along the way, with credits.

"If someone that did not attend to [sic] my presentation can understand anything if I mail them my slides, I have made a really bad set of slides. Really bad." --

"What a computer is to me is it's the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with, and it's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds." -- Steve Jobs.

An excellent presentation from Seth Godin at the Gel Conference, on all things broken!

Jonathan Shewchuk's tips for academic talks.

"Start-up a PowerPoint presentation and the average IQ of the room drops by 10 points." - Anon

A suicide PowerPoint presentation featured on The Onion.