Manas Tungare

Timezone issues in Google Calendar widget fixed. Or so I think. Maybe.

Lots of you reported timezone errors in my Google Calendar Dashboard Widget. I thought I'd fixed it in 2.0 with some changes to the date parsing code, but it turned out that only worked for certain timezones. So here is another version with solely a timezone bug fix. I believe this should be the end of all troubles, but who knows.

Go forth, download v2.1, and let me know how it goes! If you still encounter any issues, please let me know.

If you're a programmer, you might appreciate knowing what was wrong: the JavaScript parseInt function expects a radix as its second argument. (Radix is the base to which numbers should be parsed, e.g. decimal, octal or hex.) If you don't provide a radix, the function guesses a radix based on the string you pass to it. If the number starts with 1-9, then the radix is assumed to be 10; if it's 01-09, then it's octal, and 001-009 are parsed as hex. So the timezone parsing was being affected by this for all the 01-09 hours of difference. Long story short, I added the radix explicitly, and things should be OK now.