Manas Tungare

Google recruiters use Google to search for recruits for Google. And how do I know? I found out because of another Google product. The irony is that I've been at Google, and I will be at Google, so I'm not exactly who they're looking for. So, all this, and the search was a failure, then?

Here's what happened: I'm in the habit of checking my web server logs every once in a while to see which pages are popular, where my users are coming from, what keywords they type into search engines to find me, and sometimes just to stalk my stalkers. ;) For this, I use two great tools, StatCounter and Google Analytics. (StatCounter is the better of the two, by the way, but they have a last-500-visitor limit, so I need to check my stats at least daily.)

Today, the following entries appeared in my logs:
(inurl:resume or intitle:resume or inurl:cv or intitle:cv) (c or c++ or java) "computer science" "software engineer" (415 or 650 or 925 or 510 or 408 or 369 or 669 or 707 or 831 or 916 or 530) -jobs -job

The IP addresses show that the request came from Google's Mountain View headquarters. The query shows exactly who they're looking for. Interestingly, they seem to be hiring locally (the numbers in parentheses are all telephone area prefixes in the San Francisco Bay Area.)

There's so much Google involved in this story, it's scary.