Manas Tungare

I was playing with Telekinesis on Friday, which lets you use an iPhone as a remote control for your Mac. The idea is simple: Telekinesis runs a web server on your machine, and the iPhone connects to it. It ships with a few Telekinesis Applications (or "tapps"), or you can write your own to control your own programs.

I wrote one to control Keynote presentations from your iPhone. It's fairly simple: it shows you the current slide and the presenter's notes for that slide, and it lets you go forward and backward through your slide deck. (No, it's not release-quality yet, but expect it in a few days.)

So here's the real meat of this blog post: (Warning: geeky-acronym-land ahead.)

So, our champion team now includes the following players: Objective C, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Shell Script, and AppleScript: all with the single goal of changing a Keynote slide.

Has anyone changed lightbulbs with an iPhone yet?