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ISBN to BibTeX Converter

With the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for a publication, you can generate a citation for it in the BibTeX format.

Amazon has disabled this use of the ISBN API temporarily

Because people using this tool have not been generating enough sales for Amazon.

If you would like to see this service re-enabled, we need to generate enough sales to satisfy Amazon’s requirements.

Here is a link with our affiliate code. Once enough sales have been generated, Amazon will re-enable the API so this tool can start working again.

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Thanks for your continued support of this service, and we hope to be back online soon!

ISBN: (e.g. 978-3639174304)

One of the Terms of Use of Amazon's Web Service API (from where you are getting this information) is that any usage of the information should include a way to direct traffic to Amazon. To comply with Amazon's Terms of Use, the direct URL to the book is included. This will result in a commission to my account if you buy the book via the link.