Manas Tungare

I prototype, design, and build delightful user experiences at Google. I’m a Front-end Engineer fluent in Android & Web development and have a passion for UX. I received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Human-Computer Interaction program at Virginia Tech & a Masters in CS from Georgia Tech.

According to my peers and managers, my skills lie in generating ideas & prototyping new features, and perfecting the user experience on exploratory projects. Most days, I split my time between creating prototypes and demos of new features and on engineering tasks for more established projects.

User Experience & Design Consulting

A usable, friendly, and fast web site keeps users happy. Designing for usability is part art, part science. As a User Experience Consultant, I am happy to provide actionable suggestions to product teams that you can implement with your team. Read on for more details »

Current & Past Projects

Google Now

I currently work on building upcoming features for Google Now, the contextual assistant that provides you “the right information at just the right time”. Moving from web front-end engineering to Android development has been a fun challenge!

Inbox by Gmail

I was a front-end engineer on the Inbox team, a complete redesign of the email experience from the Gmail team. I worked on the “Inbox model”, a term we used for the state transitions that form the crux of the Inbox experience: moving messages between Done, Snoozed and Pinned states. I also developed various Web UI features, including multi-selection, email actions, menus, the navigation bar, animations, etc.

This project was aligned closely with my dissertation interests because email is such an integral part of our personal information. Many people use their email as a task list, we receive confirmation emails about events, flights, trip plans, and so much planning happens within email.

Google Instant

I was the first engineer on Google Instant and worked solo for 3–4 months designing and prototyping the simple yet powerful UI that Google is known for. During this time, I created several designs, mocks, and prototypes of Instant that explored the “search as you type” space. Google’s blog post on Google Instant shares a few of the mocks and prototypes I developed. Fun fact: when I showed an early prototype to members of the infrastructure team, here’s the reaction I got.

As the team grew, I worked with a team of awesome front-end engineers to productionize the application and eventually, to launch it. When Google Instant launched in August 2010, it was referred to as the biggest change to Google since the launch of Google itself.

After Instant, I worked with the Speech Recognition team to launch Voice Search on I was the only Web Search engineer working on this project exclusively, and thus was responsible for a majority of the front-end engineering work.

Academic Background

Before joining Google, I obtained my Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction from Virginia Tech in 2009 (dissertation: “Mental Workload in Personal Information Management: Understanding PIM Practices Across Multiple Devices”). I hold a Masters degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and a Bachelors from the University of Mumbai.

Personal Life

I grew up in Bombay, the financial capital of India, right by the sea. My wife Amruta is a front-end engineer at Rackspace, and we love to travel and indulge in our shared passion for good food.