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MiniUpload™ 1.0

MiniUpload is no longer under active development or support. This free download is for the convenience of registered users who are rebuilding their servers.

MiniUpload™ is an Active Server Component that enables an Active Server Pages (ASP) application to accept files uploaded by a browser. Any browsers that support the RFC 1867 protocol are able to upload files. All modern browsers, including Opera 3.6+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+ and Netscape 3.0+ support uploading. The MiniUpload Component can be invoked by an ASP script running on a Windows NT/2000 server running Internet Information Server (IIS), or Windows 95/98 machine running Personal Web Server (PWS), and ASP1.0b or higher. The component works by accepting the posted data and extracting the file information from it. This can then be saved as a disk file or as binary data inside a database. The component provides various properties & methods to handle the uploaded file.