WinWizard™, a System-Tweaker Program for Windows 98

WinWizard was written in 1999 and is not being actively maintained.


The award-winning System Tweaker Utility for Windows

Magazine Features

WinWizard ‘99 was featured in PC Hemma, Sweden. (April, 2000) & in PC Professionell, of the Ziff Davis Group, Germany (November, 1999).

Cover Page of PC Hemma

The November 1999 issue of this monthly computer magazine for computer professionals includes WinWizard for the benefit of their readers. Nearly 324 pages thick, PC Pro is one of most-read computer magazines in Germany.

Cover page of PC Professionell

The April 2000 issue of PC Hemma, a Swedish Computer magazine features WinWizard ‘99 in a special coverage on System Utilities. PC Hemma is published by the Medström Datförlag AB Group.

Features of WinWizard ‘99

The main screen of WinWizard is divided into 8 tabs, each of which contains the settings for a particular category.

General Settings

Explorer Settings

System Screens

Desktop Settings

Add/Remove Programs Settings

AutoRun Program Settings

Clearing Defaults

Internet Settings

WinWizard™ is a trademark of Manas Tungare.