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Geotagging photos from an SLR using a second camera’s GPS logger

Every place has its memories, and every memory its place. Having information about places embedded in photos and videos serves to link the two. We’re in an age where capturing every bit of metadata is certain to lead to interesting applications in the future. Here’s a set of tips and links to software that allows embedding geographic information into photos. Read More

HOWTO Install MongoDB for PHP on Mac OS X

MongoDB is a document-oriented database (among other things), and it's especially convenient that the native document format is JSON. For various ongoing pet projects, I figured I'd give it a try to avoid the overhead of creating/maintaining schemas and having to flatten down my JSON objects to fit a relational model. I read a lot of conflicting instructions on the Web about how to install MongoDB, and they're either incomplete (most of them skip the part about making MongoDB run automatically at startup), and none of them satisfied my requirements. So I wrote my own. Read More

If you have an Android, you have ...

What does an Android device get you? Read More

URL Design Sins: 16 things that don't belong in URLs

Much has been said for a long time about making your URLs easy to use, remember, type, hack, and spread virally. There is still no dearth of ugly URLs all over the Web. A few very popular content management systems also engage in dirty URL practices, and it's a shame. To aid you in cleaning up your URLs, here's a list of specific things that do not belong in a URL. Read More

Can Security Questions be Subliminally Discriminatory?

It’s not funny how many cultural, socio-economic, and even religious assumptions can be implicit in the design of a simple form. Here’s the form I was greeted with today when I tried to log on to ShareBuilder.

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