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Make new features discoverable without annoying your users

Developers are faced with a choice: we need to make our users aware of new features that have been built since the last release. But we don’t want to get in the way of users trying to use our apps, so it has to be done without breaking their flow.

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Manage your Android app’s versionCode & versionName with Gradle

Don’t repeat yourself — specify app version metadata just once. Gradle, which is now Android Studio’s default and recommended build system, can help you automate many tasks that other developers might be doing manually.

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Implement Free & Paid Apps with in-app purchases instead of as two apps

Offering paid upgrades to users of a free app can be implemented either as two separate apps (Free and Paid), or within a single app that is free to download with in-app upgrades for the premium features. I have found and heard from fellow developers that a single app with in-app purchases offers multiple advantages over the two-app approach, for both developers and users.

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It’s neither possible nor desirable for changelogs to be bland lists of features

Changelogs can be straightforward for simple apps that have no server-side component, but for those where most features are turned on/off or tweaked heavily server-side, publishing a client app’s changelog will be either incorrect, or useless, or both.

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Geotagging photos from an SLR using a second camera’s GPS logger

Every place has its memories, and every memory its place. Having information about places embedded in photos and videos serves to link the two. We’re in an age where capturing every bit of metadata is certain to lead to interesting applications in the future. Here’s a set of tips and links to software that allows embedding geographic information into photos.

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