Manas Tungare

<rant>Why isn't there a decent piece of software that lets home users backup their hard drives every once in a while? Or if there's one, why can't I find it anywhere? I can't hire an IT department, so anything more than 3 or 4 clicks is not worth it.</rant>

So I finally gave up and wrote a homegrown tool - the bit about programs scratching a developer's personal itch is so true! It's trivial enough to not call it a piece of "software" or even a "utility". I had the following objectives in mind for my backup strategy:

Unfortunately, I found none that satisfied the given criteria. It didn't help that my primary platform is still Windows. I found Mike Rubel's article on Incremental Backups with rsync nice and informative, but useless on Windows because NTFS won't support hard links.

So I ended up writing this tool that looks at the last-modified date and copies over everything modified after a given date X to a temporary backup directory. Then, I just burn that to a DVD. Who said good solutions are complicated?