Manas Tungare

Last week, I wrote a plug-in for viewing bookmarks in the Google Desktop Sidebar. Then I submitted it to Google, and it was being tested by them for a couple days. Then they approved it, and added it to the listing on their website as well as in a blog entry. I had already been receiving feedback from the curious beta testers on the Google Desktop Developers group.

So far, so good.

Then, exactly on the day Google pushed an update to their servers (which contained the new pages for my plugin), announced that they were being bought by Yahoo! Not that it made a huge lot of difference; is still the same, and as useful as it always was.

But it's a little ironic that I ended up writing a product that put a Yahoo! property inside the Google Sidebar. Not that there's anything wrong with that -- but you know, they're like rivals and stuff. :-)

Coverage Elsewhere:

And all this happened on exactly the same day. Like I said, the timing was impeccable!